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In partnership with Jack at Finer Details, a local vehicle appearance specialist we are able to offer multiple Detailing Services to enhance or perfect the vehicles appearance. As part of of our pre-sale agreement, all of our stock cars, as a minimum, will undergo our entry level paintwork Enhancement Detail to ensure your new Pocket Rocket is looking as good as new.

There are a variety of Detailing / Correcting methods and level of paint correction to suit all budgets. Using a variety of different size machine polishers, various grades of compounds, polishes, and appropriate pads to enhance and refine a vehicles paintwork. With the aim to remove swirling, scratches, oxidisation, acidic spots, orange peel and staining where possible.

Paintwork Enhancement Detail From – Included in sale (1.5 – 2 days)

Firstly a thorough wash and decontamination process to free the paint of any contaminants (Iron fallout / Snowfoam / Tar remover / Clay bar) is carried out before any machine work can commence. The enhancement detail consists of a single stage machine polish set out to remove the majority of surface defects, such as wash marring/swirls, light scratches whilst also boosting gloss and clarity getting the car to a standard adequate for retail.

As an additional extra to the agreed sale price of the vehicle , we are able to offer our Paintwork Correction Detail and Ceramic Coating Service to further enhance, protect and make maintenance of your newly acquired Pocket Rocket as joyful as driving it.

Paintwork Correction Detail & Ceramic Coating From £800 (3 – 4 days)

The paintwork correction detail is set out to try and chase paint perfection. Removing as many defects as possible, where safe to do so. This is obtained by adding an additional cutting / compounding stage to remove any surface defects present, followed by a refinement stage to restore the gloss and clarity. Once the thorough Paint Correction process has been carried out, a choice of Ceramic Coating will be applied to the paintwork. Ceramic Coatings provide a hard durable optical clear layer on the vehicles clear coat, minimising the chance of wash maring / swirling occurring, protecting your vehicles perfected paintwork whilst also being extremely hydrophobic, resulting in super easy future maintenance of the vehicle.  

A variety of different coatings are available which we are able to advise any customer on.