The Journey Begins…

‘Maybe it won’t work out. But maybe seeing if it does will be the best adventure ever’ 

Pocket Rocket emerged from a number of different contributing factors. Firstly the inner calling, saying enough is enough and to go on to follow my passion underpinned its formation. My full time job, however lucrative, remains to this day a job after all and one which involves working internationally and spending prolong periods of time away from those that are important to me. This secure job, stable life, financial stability continues to feel like i’m just treading water – i’m hoping that with the advent of Pocket Rocket I will be able to transition from expelling negative time and energy into positive and into the parts of my life which bring me happiness.

As a serial car buyer in the past, for my personal needs, I found myself all to often knowing more about the product than the actual salesman. Alongside this, I never truly felt comfortable in the overall (generalisation) buying experience. Customer service remains best served by those that are passionate about what they are trying to sell.            

The used car sales market remains extremely competitive (there seems to be a dealership around every different corner) so the success rate of a new start up business in this sector remains very low – this feeds my requirement to test and challenge myself, and to stop treading water. With that said my short term business plan is to operate Pocket Rocket on a part-time appointment only basis which will allow me the opportunity to grow the business if the initial demand is there. A stock level of 7-10 hand selected cars is a manageable number that should allow me the necessary exposure to understand the demand.

My intention is to remain as transparent as possible in any business decision the company makes seeking external opinions and those of my customers at every opportunity. The webpage will give me the necessary tool to bring you along with me on my journey with Pocket Rocket. As the business grows, the services we provide will expand. With the ultimate aim remaining – Connecting like-minded passionate car enthusiast. Organised meets, car rallies, promotional events, track days are all options available to us that I remain desperate to explore.         

I encourage customer feedback at every opportunity and especially so in our web design that I hope you find to be both professional in its design but easy to use in its navigation.

Writing this first short blog is a milestone for me and Pocket Rocket as it means my webpage is live, with my stock advertised not just through the well known marketing channels, and more importantly it gives me the medium I need to better portray what it is Pocket Rocket is all about.

As I am writing this Pocket Rocket has already supplied 5 happy customers with new cars. It leaves me to just thank all those involved in the early stages of Pocket Rockets tenure – they know who they are.